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About me

“The pursuit of perfection constantly drives me to do better for my patients. And this practice puts them first. Good cosmetic surgery should be invisible.”

Let me introduce myself for those of you visiting my website for the first time. My name is Dr. Tatiana Khomenko, Certified Plastic Surgeon with years of skill and experience in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries.

The brightest moment of my early youth which influenced my career path choice was learning how to prepare and safely administer injections for my family members in Ukraine, the country where my roots lie. Developing and nurturing a reliable family support network is an integral part of the Ukrainian upbringing and culture in general. Applying my knowledge and skills to heal people and observing how fast they recover was so exciting and became a crucial point in choosing my future career path.

I started my formal medical education in Ukraine and finished my degree in Austria. After my graduation I began work in a Trauma Hospital in Linz. I also completed several internships in different Austrian clinics to gain more experience and broaden my spectrum of skills. My plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery training took place primarily at St. Joseph’s Hospital and to a lesser extent Vienna General Hospital (AKH). During my studies and training I was privileged to work with well-respected professors and doctors both in Austria and abroad – in countries including but not limited to Switzerland, Canada, and the USA.

People and their well-being have been always important to me. Where possible throughout my career I have regularly participated in different charity projects. I performed numerous surgeries on wounded or heavily injured soldiers in the war in eastern Ukraine and provided a treatment for people with intense body burns in Tanzania. In East African countries, I was permitted to assist local doctors by sharing my surgery skills and experience to teach them everything I know. I am also passionate about working with students. I used to be a mentor at St. Josephs Hospital, because it is vitally important for me to pass all the knowledge and skills down through the next generations.



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