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Anti-Aging & Wrinkle Correction

When people hear about cosmetic surgery, many associate this aesthetic treatment with procedures like breast augmentation. However, aesthetic plastic surgery might be a great attempt to deal with many other problems people have in their lives. With aging, skin also starts to lose its natural elasticity, collagen, firmness which can be partly reversed and corrected by aesthetic medicine.

Moreover, age and genetic predispositions are not the only factors causing skin condition. Excessive sunbathing (tanning and burning), stress level and other environmental factors contribute to aging of the skin which is often accompanied by a reduction of life quality. Unfortunately, the result appears to be the same in many cases, frequently with a tired appearance and sagging skin. Some treatment solutions can help make your skin look younger and more radiant.


Botulinumtoxin (Botox) is naturally occurring substance produced by a certain strain of bacteria. Botox injections are used to block certain nerves, temporarily relax the facial muscles and allows your skin to remain smooth. There is no treatment more popular than Botox that helps prevent fine visible wrinkles from deepening. However, the preventative Botox only prevents wrinkles as long as it is kept up.

The goal is not to cause a total immobility or a frozen appearance, but to maintain a natural look with still some preserved facial movement in the areas of mouth (laughter) and cheeks. The applications for Botox seem endless: forehead lines, glabellar lines, purse-string lines above the upper lip, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, marionette wrinkles, eye wrinkles, and more. Initial results are visible immediately after the treatment, but the final form can only be seen after a few days, since the injected material has to be completely distributed over a desired treatment area.

Botox injection procedures are not painful, take little time and last about 3-4 months, sometimes the effects can be extended to 7 months.

  • Pain-free
  • A 15-minute procedure
  • No interruption to your social life
  • Effect: around 6 months
  • Price: 200€

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) skin care products contain a very active ingredient and is popular for its ability to “reverse” or stop skin aging. Unlike botulinum toxin, hyaluronan is a natural endogenous substance and stores the body’s own moisture. Since HA is essential for keeping skin hydrated thanks to the ability to keep water molecules, but during the intrinsic aging its production in our body gradually decreases that leads to dehydration, formation of wrinkles and a loss of elasticity. HA is injected beneath the skin to model and contour our face, smooth heavy facial lines, reduce wrinkles and thus, restore a lost volume. The applications of HA include deep nasolabial folds, marionette and perioral region wrinkles. There are several types of hyaluronic acid that are used depending the application area, based on the specific needs of the patient, and his/her desired results to reach the best outcome. The results typically last several months to two years depending on the individual, the applied area and how fast it is broken down by the body.

  • A 30-minute procedure
  • No interruption to your social life
  • Local anesthetic treatment
  • Price: 350€

Thread lift

Thread lifting technique can also bring new freshness to your face, restore your youthful contours and make your skin look clearly firmer and tighter. To achieve these results, small punctures are made in the skin behind the ear, then a tiny thread is guided under the skin along the predetermined lines to reach the final point in a barely visible manner. In my office a modern threading with high quality PDO Suture material is used to lift sagging skin. Different lengths sizes and thickness of threads are used for different areas of the face, where thinner are used to smooth wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and make your appearance more lifted immediately following the treatment.

Thread lifting procedure is performed under a local anesthetic, the initial result is noticeable immediately, with the final toned face and firm skin becoming even better within the following weeks.

After careful consultation in the office, I will choose the most suitable option for a patient including a method, treatment, thread size, and consider his/her desired results.

  • Local anesthetic treatment
  • A 30-60-minute procedure
  • No interruption to your social life
  • Effect: up to a year
  • Price for the mono-thread: 300€
  • Price for thread lifting: 800€

Autologous fat grafting

In recent years, the use of autologous fat in cosmetic surgery has become more and more popular. This treatment has been used for correcting and smoothing wrinkles and face contouring as well in the areas, such as: the temples, eyes, cheeks, forehead, jawline, chin, etc. The idea behind is to remove unwanted fat from a certain part of the body and reinject it into the desired area. Thus, you benefit twice: on the one hand by getting rid of fat and getting slimmer and, on the other hand, by replacing facial volume lost in aging process. The treatment guarantees to create and restore volume to the mid-face area for a more youthful, healthy appearance. Autologous fat transfer (transplantation) has been performed under a local anesthesia. Having enough experience in a plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, I have performed thousands of successful reconstructive procedures and continue fulfilling all the wishes and needs of the patients.

  • Day hospital
  • Local anesthetic treatment and sedation
  • Sick leave: 3-4 days
  • Pain: moderate
  • Compression Garment for about the first 3 weeks on treated areas



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